Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Immigration in the United States During the Great Depression 

Hello again! My topic this week will be about the Great Depression and how it influenced Immigration. Immigration has still and always will be a crucial part of America, but in the 1900's it really started to slow down.  New laws and acts made it harder for Asians to come into the country. This caused a decrease in immigration numbers for the first time; however people still wanted in.  This all changed from 1929-1941 because of the Great Depression.
For the first time people did not want to come to America because of the situation here.  For the past few hundred years, America was a land of opportunity, but now people have better opportunity in their home land.  This article, http://immigrationtounitedstates.org/527-great-depression.html , discusses the decrease in immigration during this time period.  The great depression effected all sorts of countries around the world, but America is still worse.  For the 12 years of the depression, immigration was at an all time low in America.  This is probably because it was so hard to find a job and place to live.  If people came to America during this time period they were setting themselves up for failure.  This article is very true in the aspect of why the immigration numbers were so slow.  The world wide economic  downturn decreased immigration everywhere.
This is unfortunatley my last blog of my career.  I really appreciate all my viewers out there, you will be missed! Shout out Mr. Harding for making us do this great activity.
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Drew Weidman


  1. i really like this blog, you are a good blogger. What was the biggest reason immigration decreased during the great depression?

  2. i really like your blog...what other countries were affected by the Great Depression?

  3. Great blog! What were some of the things other countries that the U.S. didn't have to make Asians stay in their home countries?

  4. I love this blog! The Great Depression definitely impacted the immigration rates in a negative way. Many outsiders didn't see the glamour in moving to America after the stock market crashed. Would you have wanted to move to America during this time if you were an immigrant?